Sometimes I document existence of myself as part of the journey. We are where we are supposed to be, they said.

Guanajuato, 2019. 

Leica M6 + Tri-X 400, developed and scanned at home. 


The low light of those early hours, 

the cold air on my face, 

the smell of the sea hanging right in front of us, 

the smell of homemade coffee,

the sound of the silence.  

Honfleur, 2018. 

Leica M6 + Tri-X 400, scanned at home. 


We build our own houses,

Our own memories containers,

We delimited our own space

And we call them homes.

Those treasured prisons of love.

LeicaM6 + Tri-X 400, developed and scanned at home.