Rodrigo creates photographs as part of the documentation process of his everyday life, routines, people and places in a simple and uncomplicated manner. Embracing natural available light and using simplicity as a rule, he creates meaningful forms that express the feeling behind the image, delivering fine art photography as his own way to tell the story.

He has been working attached to the idea that keeping the things simple as possible is the best way to let the flow of creativity and appreciation to transform the visual perspective into something valuable. Based on that, the idea of keeping a single camera and a single lens has been part of his daily commitment. As part of his process, he involves the digital world and lately the analog side of photography has been something that has transformed the elements used in his work, becoming an entire exercise of reflexion and introspection.


L’exactitud n’est pas la vérité.

H. Matisse.

Collaborator at UsoCotidiano

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